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Will Mader
Will Mader
Call Mustang Roofing and Travis showed up same day, gave and affordable quote, finished job same day. Highly recommend them
Taylor and Travis, from Mustang Roofing and Construction, are true professionals. They were proactive in their communication and handled all interactions with our insurance adjuster. They ensured that the work was done efficiently and to perfection, and my roof was replaced in just a day. This company exceeded all my expectations with the quality of their work. I will definitely use them again for any construction-related projects in the future.
eric alston
eric alston
Being a new home owner, I appreciate professionalism and your patience and the know how to work through and fix my roof. I could’ve done it without them. Thank you so much for the work.
Travis was very professional and helpful. He explained the claim process to me. I feel confident about working with Mustang Roofing and Construction. Travis and the work crew were were frofessional. They did quality work in a timely manner. I am very happy with my new roof. Thank you MustangeRoofing and Construction.
Angela J
Angela J
I truly appreciate Travis and Taylor answering all my questions, being onsite with the adjuster when I couldn’t be and providing feedback throughout this process. The crew was efficient, friendly and did a great job of making sure they cleaned up all debris. Thanks Mustang for making this roof replacement as painless as possible.
Marc Gabaldon
Marc Gabaldon
Not only was the workmanship top notch, their customer service is fantastic. They were willing and patiently working with me as I tried to figure out the logistics of dealing with the insurance company. Could not recommend this company enough. Stop reading and call them now.
Joleen Sorrels
Joleen Sorrels
Very friendly!
Alan Sickels
Alan Sickels
We're very happy with Travis. He's very professional and polite. We're pretty thankful they came out, we've ran off a few of them. If your having a hard time deciding, these guys are a genuine unit. Very pleased.
Mariana Rivera
Mariana Rivera
I recommend this company, they are very friendly, punctual and with a lot of quality humanity.
I could go write a full page of the fantastic experience I had with Mustang, but to keep it short, I am so pleased with Travis and Taylor! These guys put on my roof quickly and at a competitive price point. I felt like I was being annoying with my plethora of questions but they would always respond immediately answering all of my questions and with excellent communication plus a great attitude. My overall experience was Superb and I can't give enough praise to these men... Thank you guys and I will be reaching out again when my sister needs a roof!!! God bless
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Mustang Roofing & Construction has a family helping family mentality. We pride ourselves on building great and long lasting relationships with our clients. We provide home owners and local businesses with construction solutions that meet their specific needs. With our integrated design and innovative construction approach, we are capable of delivering construction builds on time, allowing you to get back to your normal life.


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The market size of the commercial building construction industry in the United States has grown approximately 3.9% per year between 2017 and 2022. Consumers’ increasing demands is the driving factor that encourages businesses and companies to expand and increase production to satisfy the customers’ needs.

For years, we have been a local commercial contractor transforming the ideas of our clients into result-driven projects. Mustang Roofing & Construction is a commercial construction contractor specializing in hotel construction, hotel improvement plans, and commercial roofing. We also interpret your ideas into a project that ensures a balanced budget, schedule, and satisfying end-results with vision and functionality. From budgeting and feasibility, through permitting and construction, the team at Mustang Roofing & Construction remains focused throughout your project until completion.


Designing and
Constructing Ideal Commercial Buildings

Mustang Roofing & Construction is the premier local commercial contractor in the Weatherford area. We specialize not only with renovation, remodeling and construction but also assistance for your business to better manage its assets through strategic planning sessions tailored around requirements specific to you!

We’re committed to being the best at what we do by always striving for excellence. Our team is highly dedicated and goal oriented, with a focus on planning construction projects that will last through time so you don’t have any worries about your business’s needs changing or growing obsolete! We plan all our renovations/remodeling services as well because it ensures efficiency in terms of building management systems (life cycle costing).

Mustang Roofing & Construction doesn’t only provide commercial construction services, but as one of the best commercial contractors in Weatherford, we first listen to your needs, evaluate each factor and then start working on the project.

The commercial building construction industry in the United States is expected to grow at a rate of 5.9% for 2022, reflecting huge demand from both new businesses and existing ones that are expanding their operations rapidly across America’s hotels—from restaurants & cafeterias all way down through apartments or offices space.

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Are you looking for a credible commercial general contractor? You have landed in the right place. Mustang Roofing & Construction begins long before breaking ground to ensure a smooth project. We understand that everyone has different needs and requirements according to different industries. With our integrated approaches, we offer our clients tailored pre-construction strategies that will help them plan, evaluate and establish their construction needs. We make sure to work directly with our clients in open communication to better analyze the whole project and develop a plan that will make the project successful.



Mustang Roofing & Construction is the go-to commercial building contractor for Weatherford area businesses for our high-quality construction services. Having years of experience under our belt, we are experts for projects from ground-up construction, to renovating existing spaces. We have technical and construction experts that are masters in various fields handling each project with the attention and precision to deliver the best possible results to your project.



Roofing and construction are exciting - until you see the mess others leave behind. Not Mustang Roofing and Construction. Our Team will fully clean up and make sure your new construction is spotless and ready to be shown and lived in.


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Mustang Roofing & Construction is one of the top commercial building contractors trusted for delivering exceptional and elite-standard commercial building and roofing construction solutions to Weatherford businesses. We have been in the industry for many years, and have completed numerous projects of all scales.


In-Demand Commercial Construction Services

Hiring a commercial construction contractor that is all and well capable of delivering services is a cumbersome job to cater to since there is a wide range of service providers in the industry. Not every company has the proper skill set and not every company is equipped with innovative tools and equipment. Mustang Roofing & Construction provides residential roofing, residential construction, commercial roofing, and commercial construction, ensuring all projects are completed and successful.


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